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DDO Update 1 Live - Release Notes

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by , October 28th, 2009 at 11:48 AM (24461 Views)
DDO Update 1 is now live. Read the release notes here:

Of Special Note:
New Adventure Packs
The Path of Inspiration

When the Inspired from the distant city of Dar Qat offered to renovate Stormreach’s old Harbor they said they were interested only in trade and friendship. But are the Inspired a dream come true or a sinister nightmare? Explore five new dungeons that will take you beneath the Harbor, to a savage island, and into your own mind as you track down the Inspired’s terrible secret.

* Rescue a Coin Lord spy to receive vital information regarding the Path of Inspiration cult.
* Free the son of Coin Lord Graden Wylkes and others from their imprisonment before they can be brainwashed.
* Discover the fate of the Rogue Jeets Shimis after his time with the Path of Inspiration.
* Enter into the mind of a Stormreach hero, battle his inner Ego and release him from his mental captivity.
* Break into the Dar Qat trade mission to destroy the Dreaming Dark's secret weapon.

This level 17-19 adventure pack includes 5 hand-crafted adventures! Adventurers seeking to confront the Path of Inspiration should visit the lower harbor district. Available for purchase Friday, October 30th!
New Store Items & Features
Hair Reversal Tonics

We now offer Hair Reversal Tonics in the DDO Store! Using the tonics you may reverse your hair color to the original color your character had at character creation. These tonics can be found in the Cosmetics category of the DDO Store!
32 Point Character Creation

You may now unlock the ability to create a character who begins with 32 ability points instead of 28 by earning 1750 favor or with Turbine Points in the DDO Store! 32 Point Build Characters can be found in the Premium Items category of the DDO Store.
Epic Dungeons

Ever wished you could run one of your favorite mid-game dungeons at a higher level, have it be challenging, and receive awesome loot for it? With Epic Dungeons, now you can!

* For Update 1, the Demon Sands Adventure Pack has received the Epic treatment. Five adventures in the Menechtarun Desert (including the Queen Lailat raid) can now be played in Epic difficulty.
* Old favorite items that originated in these dungeons can be upgraded into powerful Epic versions by collecting rare scrolls, seals, and shards.
o Epic rewards can be further customized with Epic Augment Crystals, permanently adding new effects to your items.
o Epic dungeons and raids award special tokens that can be traded for Augment Crystals or True Reincarnation Tokens to use once Reincarnation is available! See Misty in the Tower of the Twelve for more details! Note: Please be sure to check the Known Issues for important information about Misty.
* All members of the party must be 20th level to enter on Epic difficulty.
* This difficulty will only be unlocked if you have completed the dungeon/raid on Elite

Veteran Status

Do you enjoy making new characters, but tire of running the low-level content over and over again? If so, you'll love Veteran Status! Players will be able to unlock the ability to create veteran characters which enter the game at level four.

* Veteran Status Characters will enter directly to the Marketplace rather than playing through the Korthos experience.
* Players must achieve 1000 favor to receive Veteran Status. If you already have a character who has more than 1000 favor, you must first enter the world with this character, and then return to the character creation screen. From then on, all characters you create will begin as veteran characters.
* Veteran characters begin as level 1 characters in character generation. Once you enter the world, your character will be aboard the Heart of Wind Airship. Speaking with the crew on the airship will allow your character to select their abilities for levels 2 through 4. Once you have completed the process and chosen your starting veteran gear, you will arrive in the Marketplace at the airship spire.
* You may choose to create a normal character by opting out of veteran status once you are on the ship. Opting out of veteran status is a per-character choice available each time you create a new character once you have veteran status.



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