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  1. Model Railroading - 007

    So the model railroading has taken a sideboard while we try to get a couple rooms painted in the house.

    Saturday I went to an estate sale.
    The homeowner had an HO-scale layout (what was left of it, anyway) in his basement.
    They also had a large amount of HO-scale buildings and rolling stock left - but at the time I arrived (8am) they were unwilling to budge on the prices.

    They also had dozens of years of Model Railroader and Railroad Model Craftsman magazines. ...
  2. Model Railroading - 006

    For at least the last month, I've been looking forward to going to my first train show in almost twenty years.

    Last night at dinner...
    Wife: So what are you doing tomorrow while I'm at work?
    Me: Going to that train show in Maryland
    Wife: Nice! Brother going with you?
    Me: No, he's sick
    Wife: Bummer.
    Me: And I don't know any other train people.
    Wife: What about the guy you geocached with?
    Me: He's in CT this weekend with ...
  3. Model Railroading - 005

    Work has been stupid-busy so I really haven't had a chance to do much of anything.
    It also doesn't help that on 2/28 I sliced my thumb pretty badly while changing the windshield wipers on my car. Since it hasn't healed yet, I can't do any repairs on the stuff I've picked up, let alone any major construction.

    On Saturday 3/12 I moved some stuff around and cleared off a table in the basement. I'm expecting this to become my layout and work area. Only problem: no nearby power. ...
  4. Model Railroading - 004

    So the wife got home last night and asked what I did with my Sunday.

    Since I had a migraine yesterday, I convalesced most of the morning. I got tired of sitting on my ass so I decided to first take down the Christmas tree. Then I managed to also sweep the first floor and do a decent cleanup job.

    But I showed her what I'd worked on the night before.

    This is not an exact replica of what I tacked down onto the foam board (the bottom wave is different) ...
  5. Model Railroading - 003

    The first hobby shop I went to (Sattler's Trains in Westmont, NJ; sorry for the Facebook link, they don't have a website) the proprietor was relatively nice. However, his wife treated me like a hooligan and kept hovering around me. I guess they're not used to patrons under 50. I picked up a couple magazines but nothing else.

    The second hobby shop (AAA Hobbies, Lawnside) was the one with the motorized display case mentioned from Christmas 2015. I couldn't get any help here, as ...
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