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  1. Happy New Year!

    I just made 200 copies of my 2012 record, "US AGAINST OURSELVES" available for FREE download. Code is "oscar." Redeem here:
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  2. Bringin' on the Heartache

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    I predict greater butt-hurt.
  3. "This one time at bandcamp....."

    My record is up now on Bandcamp, which is a terrific platform for independent artists, as it allows me to share my music in multiple formats, including lossless formats, append digital extras, like liner notes, and so on.

    My record is up now on bandcamp. Listening / streaming from the site itself is FREE, and downloads may be purchased in multiple formats for just $7 (or more). I made 3 sales yesterday, and I am ...
  4. Free Threesome

    In honor of good Friday, Easter, Oestre, Beltane, and Mayday, E-Hedonism is giving away three songs, at absolutely no charge to you -- the end user / celebrant / ritual consumer / glorified practitioner or sacred observer. Offer available only until Midnight, May 1st, 2011, Pacific. Not sold in stores, download YOURS today. If you have answers, we will happily provide three completely unrelated questions, in the form of rock n roll music. That's just how we roll. No warranty is promised or implied. ...
  5. Know your audience -- the NON professional BIO

    Tzakapotek Jones was born near the end of the 1960′s, so he missed out on most of the fun. Very little is known of his early life, though some have speculated that he is in fact, a ‘walk in” from another time or dimension.

    Jones says he spent part of the 70′s and most of the 80′s studying with the best Guru’s on Americas West Coast where he dabbled in Scientology, spent a weekend locked in a hotel ballroom with Werner Erhard, and slept through “possibly hundreds” ...
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