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  1. They made a game with zombies in it

    If you pre-ordered a copy of L4D2 already, I hope you choked on your demo that you've been playing for about a week now. For the rest of us poor and Irish, the L4D2 demo pre-load has started.

    Why are you still reading this? You need to start the demo pre-load now by starting steam.
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  2. You saw it here first, Skynet welcomed with open arms!

    Our very own Solesk started a thread about Verizon's new Droid phone and the post was done with such care I've decided to share it with the world, below is a small snippet of his post. You can see the whole thing, and the thread, here.

    Ok, I lied, it's really over there.

    Quote Originally Posted by Solesk View Post

    ok, i'm not posting this to get into some sort of apple vs android debate. i'm not trying to say this is some sort of iphone killer. because the truth is both have a
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  3. Well what do we have here?

    'Allo 'allo my fellow droogs. I thought I'd drop in and let you vecks know about a real horrowshow type of game. Killingfloor on steam is having a free to play weekend, that's right brothers, no cutter needed!

    Now itty to Steam and, if you can, crast this game before week's end. And if you're the law abiding sort, no need to empty your carmens of all their pretty polly. Killing floor is just 14.99 this weekend too.

    OUT! OUT! OUT!
  4. Holy Modual Fallout Batman!

    Our very own Star-Demon tossed together a thread of his favourite mods for Fallout 3. Of course this discussion took a turn for the something else and discussion about the DLC popped up as well. And speaking of DLC come Rocktober 13th, the Fallout 3: Game of the Year Edition comes out with all the DLC included. So if you've been a slacker like me now is a good time to pick it up. Well, that or Brutal Legend. Or maybe pre-order L4D2. ...
  5. And the next class update for Team Fortress 2 is....

    Just click the bloody link already, then click anywhere on that page.

    No class is getting an update, valve is introducing a new class. Well, maybe.

    Unlike previous big updates, the content isn't on the teamfortress2 domain, instead it's and the letter on the blog suggests that it was an approved idea by a third party.

    Very interesting if it's a real update for TF2, since ...

    Updated September 21st, 2009 at 10:56 PM by Mdar (more info!)

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